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Bishop Joseph Quainoo is the Visionary that God used to establish New Covenant Ministries International, a multi-faceted Ministry sharing Christ’s Love To The Nations!
Originally from Ghana, West Africa, he came to America nearly 30 years ago and the Lord has enabled Bishop Quainoo to be a part of sharing the Gospel with many people in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and The Caribbean. He is a Man of God who loves God’s Word and helping others to become Christians and mature in the Christian Faith. He understands that everything we do is by God’s Grace, for the sake of Christ, and His Kingdom.


Bishop Quainoo earned the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Education from the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). He attended the University of Rhode Island (USA) earning the Masters of Science Degree in Botany.
He earned the Masters of Arts Degree in Theology and Missions from the Akrofi-Christallar Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture (Accra, Ghana) and the Doctorate of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

 Life In Ministry

It was at the University of Rhode Island (URI) where he met his wife, Vanessa and the Lord blessed them with three sons. Early on in their life together, he answered the call to ministry and was ordained in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). After faithfully serving the Lord in New England, the Lord opened the door for him to start a Church back in his home of Enchi, Ghana. Very soon, another Church was planted and then another and another. Now more than eight Churches have been planted in Ghana along with New Covenant Church and Sankofa Campus Ministry at URI in Rhode Island. It became very clear that Bishop Joseph’s calling is ‘Apostolic’ (a minister and ministry that helps to start and nurture new Churches.) 

Additionally, several Pastors and their Churches have asked to place their Ministries under the New Covenant Ministries Covering. Bishop Quainoo has many spiritual sons and daughters and takes seriously the mandate of mentoring and training leaders.

 Ghana Missions

Annually, Bishop Quainoo leads a team of Missionaries on short-term Missions. The work includes Prayer (Intercession) ministry, sharing the Gospel, conducting leadership seminars, youth evangelism, Health and Health Education, small business training, computer literacy and some carpentry, painting etc...  Missionaries from all over the United States and Europe have traveled with Ghana Missions for 10-days – 2 weeks for a time of service and ministry, sharing the Gospel, sharing educational and medical supplies and humanitarian aid, sharing Christ’s Love To The Nations.  

 Anyii Bible Translation

Currently, Bishop Quainoo is the initiator for the translation of the Bible into the Anyii language in Ghana. This major undertaking requires the efforts of a team of linguists, theologians and scholars of Anyii culture to create a phonology for an oral language and then literate the Anyii vocabulary. The team will first translate the New Testament and then continue with the Old Testament. It is meticulous but very exciting work! And, the reward…The Anyii people will be able to read God’s Word in their ‘mother tongue’! Consequently, many more Anyii will hear the Gospel, and by faith, many more will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

 Discovery College

Bishop Quainoo is also working to establish his vision for a Christian college in Ghana, specifically in the Western Region of Ghana – Discovery College will be an undergraduate institution designed to equip today’s students in liberal arts and the sciences. Over ten acres of land have been donated for the College and Phase I of construction has begun.

BRIDGE Conference

In 2015, the Lord gave Bishop Quainoo and his wife, Vanessa, the vision for the BRIDGE Conference to bring together Christian scholars from the African Diaspora for reconciliation and African development. The Conference is held once a year and a call for papers is posted several months prior to the Conference.  Bishop Quainoo has a desire to see the Church and the Academy work together to invite God’s healing Presence and Provision to uplift African descended people wherever they are throughout the African Diaspora. A special focus of the Conference is re-connecting African Americans to their African roots and bridging the great divide; the scars of colonialism and slavery.


First of all, Dr. Quainoo is a Christian. She is grateful to God and she regards humility and integrity as hallmarks of the Christian life and ascribes all Glory to God.

She has served as the Senior Pastor of New Covenant Church International (Providence, Rhode Island) but right now she is happy to serve as an Associate to her Son and Daughter-In-Law, Pastor Jill Quainoo and Pastor Tim Quainoo who is now the Senior Pastor.

Dr. Quainoo is Associate Professor of Communication Studies and she served for seven years as the Chairperson of the Africana Studies Program at the University of Rhode Island. Currently she serves as the initiator and director of the Center for Communication and Race Education. She is the founding editor of several journals, including the New England Area Church of God Newsletter and KASA- the African American College Student Magazine; an author of several articles and two books, including, Speak Life, which explores how we can bless each other with our words and allow our daily conversations to encourage and uplift one another and Virtue Mentoring – A Workbook for Mentoring Women in the Word of God. She has a heart for teaching and training women to learn and obey the Word of God.

With thirty years of experience in teaching and speaking at Churches, conferences and workshops, schools and businesses she is an effective communicator with a passion for preaching and teaching God’s Word.

Dr. Quainoo is ordained in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). She has a Certificate in Biblical Studies from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Theology (Wheaton College in Illinois), a Master’s degree in Communication (Western Illinois University) and Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Communication (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass).  

The Quainoo family is active in helping their Father in Missions, Church planting, hosting the international BRIDGE Conference and training and mentoring Christian leaders in Ghana, West Africa.

Dr. Quainoo is married to Bishop Dr. Joseph Quainoo. They have been married for 29 years and have three sons, two daughters-in-law, one beloved granddaughter and another grandchild on the way! They make their home in Saunderstown, Rhode Island and spend a portion of their time in Ghana.

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